Vehicle Collection and Delivery

Vehicle Collection and Delivery

Safe transportation of any motor vehicle, whether it is a car, motor bike or scooter, brand new or nearly new, can be very tricky and expensive. At Book A Van Now, we are your one stop shop for a risk free, speedy and cost effective pick-up and delivery service. We are firmly in the driving seat and appreciate that your vehicle is your pride and joy. That is why at Book A van Now, our specialist fleet of vehicle transporters all have high value insurance and several years of experience and knowledge within the vehicle transportation industry.

Your Book A van Now transporter will consult with you on vehicle type, pick up and drop off, and most importantly how your vehicle will be moved. This is to further assure that an outstanding experience is delivered from the start to the finishing line. If you are a business or domestic customer, we also collect and deliver vehicle parts to save you an unwanted journey.

Book A Van Now should be your NO.1 choice for vehicle collection and delivery because…

  • We don’t use computer generated pricing.
  • We have industry professionals to analyse and quote your jobs
  • We keep our fees to a minimum in order to bring value for you the customer
  • Our USP is our pricing policy

“We Save You Money Moving Anything Anywhere!”

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